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      All genres of Independent Music from everywhere around the world mixed in with all the coolest music you've grown to love over the years. Hard Rock, Metal, Hip Hop, Country, Blues, Alternative, Comedy — we've got it all and then some. No longer does a band need the almighty "record deal" to receive worldwide radio play. As time moves forward and the NVMR Indie Music ReVolution grows, our daily rotation will level the playing field between the Independent Bands and the Major Artists by giving Independent and Unsigned Music priority airtime over the heavyweights.

      NVM Radio supports, practices, and encourages Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Speech. We will never censor an artists work! Some of our DJs may talk about controversial topics and use strong language. If you're offended by a word or an opinion, you should really look at the bigger picture and lend a hand to those less fortunate. World hunger and war is offensive, not language! Teach peace.

      Are you in a band or solo artist that wants worldwide radio play? Click on over to the "Submit Music" page and find out how easy it is.

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guitar dude